Our Vision

To partner
with local, regional and state
government agencies
to effectively support initiatives
enhancing safety, mobility
and economic vitality
along the Highway 70 corridor
through land use planning,
transportation improvement
and economic development strategies.



    On July 26, 2013 the US Highway 70 Corridor Commission and former Governor Jim Martin announced the initiation of a study to evaluate the economic development impacts of the of the completion of the four lane freeway bypass system of highways for US 70 from I-40 in Raleigh to the Morehead City State Ports facility; and the completion of the conversion to I-795 of US Highway 117 from Goldsboro to I-40.  The completion of these highway improvements has extensive long-term implications for the economic future of eastern North Carolina.  Click here for more details.


    R-5516 - US 70 and Slocum Road at Cherry Point Military Base Mobility Fund project in Craven County to construct an interchange.  FY 2014 Right-of-way $5,000,000 (NHS) - FY 2015 Construction $10,510,000 (MOB) - FY 2015 Construction $5,000,000 (NHS) - Total $20,510,000.

    R-3307 - US 70 at Gallants Channel Bridge in Carteret County.  Construction of four lanes at Radio Island to US 70 north of Beaufort near SR 1429 Olga Road.  Multi-lanes with part on new location.  Permits are in-hand for a 65-foot fixed span bridge.  Bids were opened in late January.  Construction time estimated to be four years.  Construction $73,400,000 (NHS).is
    B-4555 - US 70 bridge 97 replacement over Southern Railway at Princeton in Johnston County.  On June 19, 2012 the project was awarded to Fred Smith Company for $3,221,239.85.  All roadway work has been completed. All planting and permanent vegetation establishment is scheduled to be completed by April 18, 2014.
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